The Kids have gone but their possessions haven't!

2 November 2015
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2 November 2015, Comments: Comments Off on The Kids have gone but their possessions haven’t!

This autumn you may have seen your first or second child leave home to start a new life in university halls, leaving behind them a bedroom, loft and shed filled with things that they simply can’t live without but can’t possibly fit into their tiny shared dorms on campus.

So as to not make your little darling feel unwelcome back at home, you may have agreed to let them leave what they didn’t need to take. On reflection however, you may have started to regret that offer. A recent decision to have a pre-Christmas ‘reshuffle’ in the house meant you had to venture up into the loft to see where you could store the old armchair from the front room. Having tripped over numerous boxes marked ‘David’s school reports’ and ‘Sarah’s cassette tapes’ you found yourself cursing your offspring and threatening to chuck the lot in a skip. You may even have found yourself laying awake at night, staring at the bedroom ceiling, wondering if it might be about to give in to the pressure of the weight of ‘Adam’s record collection.’

Despite your frustration with this situation, you may want to rethink the option of getting rid of anything. It is never wise to assume that your son or daughter won’t miss something if they don’t know that it has gone. This is never likely to end well and you could end up having a big fall out come the Christmas holidays. So instead, why not make an agreement with the kids to use a self storage room for while?

We offer a variety of flexible and affordable self storage options that could see you leading a less cluttered, less stressful life for the foreseeable future. At least until graduation day anyway!

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